TSM incorporates quick bursts of toning calisthenics and strengthening moves using resistance bands that are designed to take your fat burning into hyper-drive, allowing your body to burn cals long after your workout is over.

TSM fuses the fast paced, fluid movements of Vinyasa Yoga to create the perfect balance in your body and mind.  We move with the breath, on the breath while focusing on shorter holds +  more repetition to promote mobility and eliminate discomfort from tight joints.

I truly believe that getting in a good SWEAT while having FUN gives you more ENERGY, can help you lose or maintain your weight, promote a healthy immune system and of course, LOVE the way you look.

About Nicole

The SoulFire Method began as my own go-to workout routine.  It was a way for me to incorporate all of my favorite fitness movements that got me real results, into one seamless workout.  I didn’t have time to do my cardio one day, do weights another and yoga the next.  Having a corporate fast-paced job, there sometimes were only one or two days per week I had the time to work out.   I’d end up focusing too much on weights or too much on cardio and never liked how my body looked.  I also knew how important it was to have a workout I could do anywhere with minimal equipment. 


After years of research, tinkering, training and trying this class out in studios and gyms in my home-state of New Jersey, I’ve taken all of it including your feedback and curated the perfect workout for me, and I think you’ll love it too! It wasn’t until I found The SoulFire Method that I finally was able to have fun working out again. 


In The SoulFire Method, I encourage ALL levels to take class.  It’s not about what you can’t do – it’s about learning what you CAN.  I want you to let yourself go in the movement.  We move quickly through our signature movements and sequencing, so before you have time to THINK about if you can do it, you’re IN IT and then we’re on to the next.  We keep you guessing so you can just get lost in the FEELING.  This class is all about having fun, getting lost in movement and music while just giving it your best.  I love watching students change – not just in their body but emotionally as well as they learn how much they are capable of within the right support environment.


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