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Welcome to Fit Camp!


6-12 WEEK online training PROGRAM


It takes 6 WEEKS to make any significant change to your exercise and nutrition routine and to start seeing a noticeable change in your body. 


Before we move on, wrap your head around this!

Rome wasn't built in a day, and your body needs (and deserves) the time, dedication and

commitment you will give over these next 6-12 weeks.

Meet your trainer, Nicole


Hi babes! Welp, here's me at my worst. I was the definition of an emotional eater.  I would numb my feelings of depression and anxiety with food for years.  I had no energy, I felt like shit and I thought this was just how it would always be.  I lost hope.

My dad knew I needed support, and he gave me a gift for Christmas for 6 personal training sessions.  I was embarrassed to go.  I thought the trainer would expect me to be in good shape already and was scared he/she would judge me.  HOLY CRAP WAS I WRONG.

My trainer was AMAZING. She knew exactly where I was coming from, and was the doorway to what would be a decade+ fitness journey.  She inspired me to become a personal trainer (and countless certifications since then) and get my shit together! BUT - I would have never experienced this if I DIDN'T SHOW UP.

My purpose in this business is to be that inspiration for you.  To offer you that same place of non-judgement.  To let you know that YOU CAN.  To encourage you to SHOW UP, not for me but for yourself.  Let's start your fitness journey, together.




-Every BODY

One program does NOT fit all. 

That's why over the next six weeks, we cater this fitness program to YOU.  We work within the physical level you are at (beginner, post-natal, athletes, busy mom, you name it!) and set realistic goals that you WILL crush. 


Take out the guess work and get the results you deserve.

Pause for real talk:

There are NO EXCUSES, only YOU are holding yourself back!

Join a community that is hear to support you!




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6-12 week macro coaching

(Learn how to eat for YOUR body and lifestyle)

6-12 week nutritional meal guide

(Take the guess work out of what to eat)

6-12 weeks online personal training 1:1

(Expect a mix of virtual 1:1 with me and on-demand workouts to follow along in your personalize weekly schedule - over a $700 value)

Full access to my TSM Online studio

(Includes access to LIVE & on demand workouts, nutrition tips and recipes)

Community support <3

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