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12 Week Signature Program

aligned wellness signature program

A 12 week transformational non-diet approach to weight-loss and mastering your mindset to create the life you most desire.

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Wellness Coach

Eat without restriction

Long term weight-loss

+ no more yo-yoing

Highly tailored nutrition

+ exercise program

Mindset Hacking


check-ins and 24/7 access

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Nicole Kohn

Holistic Health Coach, Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor

Ready to lose weight and keep it off for good?  As your coach, I'll look at your life on a holistic level versus just addressing the food on your plate (one small piece of a larger puzzle).  I help my clients create the life they most desire with my signature non-diet approach to rid you of:

  • food addiction

  • binge eating

  • emotional eating

  • yo-yo dieting and weight fluctuation  

I work in depth with clients on a 1:1 level to create small behavioral changes that add up to long-term success.  You will receive nutritional coaching and education with customized goals to help you change your current belief systems around the way you approach food and value yourself. 


Learn how to create a fitness routine you love (not dread) with my easy-to-follow at-home workout app to get you moving and learn about what workouts are best for your personalized goals and body type.  

As your coach, we are partnered in your success.  I am just as invested in your journey as you are, and am here every step of the way to help you reach your goals and beyond.  I'd love to start a conversation to learn more about how I can help you take action around your goals, take back control of your weight for good and master your mindset for long term success.  Apply below to schedule your free 30 minute consultation.



I've put together my favorite macro-balanced meals using all seasonal ingredients for summer to give you the freshest take in the kitchen and spark your love to cook again! 



PRE-ORDER 6/26/21 - 7/4/21

Includes Vegan, Gluten Free, Grain Free,

Dairy Free and Paleo recipes for you to love

Regular Price: $29.99

Pre-order: $19.99


1:1 hEALTH cOACHING | apply here

Fill out the following information and I will get back to you to schedule your consultation.



Jessica O.

"Nicole gave me all the tools to finally put the yo-yo dieting to an end!"

Simply said, Nicole Kohn Fitness has changed the relationship that I had with myself.  Nicole gave me all the tools to make a healthy lifestyle work for my lifestyle. My weight loss journey started way before I met Nicole but I never quite got it, it worked but never clicked. So when I decided to reach out and start this journey with Nicole I was looking to lose the rest of weight and I was 100% committed.  

Nicole gave me all the tools to finally put the yo-yo dieting to an end! I have never felt more confident in the way I feel and I have never been more prepared to continue on the journey ahead. You will learn everything you need to live a healthier lifestyle. Most importantly, you will learn that it is easier than you think, if you are committed. Making ourselves a priority is not always at the top of the list. The soul fire method makes it simple by breaking it down for 

you with real meal plans and short, fun, effective workouts you can do from anywhere.  The community that she has set up to cheer you on along the way is inspiring! The support she shows you throughout your program is not anything like what you are thinking it will be, its going to be so much more. This program has not only effected me physically but also mentally. I can truly say I am excited for anyone thinking of committing to this program. You will absolutely get out what you put in! Get ready to change your life in more ways than just one!

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Jackie P.

"Within the first week alone, I felt more energy than I had in years."

Nicole’s 12-week program is life-changing, literally! This program is a complete health and wellness makeover. Before starting this program, I wasn’t satisfied with my body, my diet, or myself in general. I wanted to work with Nicole to become a healthier, happier version of myself—someone who is strong, confident, energized, and taking care of her mind and body. Nicole helped me do just that and MORE. She personalized the program to my needs and preferences and worked with me both one on one and in a group format. She helped me learn how to eat healthfully, but in a way in which I didn’t feel like I was depriving myself of foods I loved— I had no idea eating balanced could taste so good. She created amazing, personalized workouts for me as 

well, and they felt so easy to build into my day. I thought to be comfortable in my own skin and body, I would have to work out for hours every day. Nicole showed me that I can workout 25-45 minutes a day (with rest days too of course) and still see amazing progress with muscle definition and strength. The variety of workouts kept me engaged throughout the program, and now I look forward to doing so many different styles of workouts like yoga and Tabata. Within the first week alone, I felt more energy than I had in years. Nicole understands that changing habits is difficult, which is why she looks at each of her clients holistically. I had concerns about balancing her program with my school and work schedule, and a week later we were making a schedule together to organize my time and add structure to my day. I was never an athlete growing up and had little to no experience with working out properly or eating healthfully, and she taught me about each pillar of her program and always explained why she was having me swap certain ingredients or work on certain exercises. She also helped tremendously with my mindset. Prior to this program, I had always been so critical of myself and my body. Now, I have a refreshing sense of confidence, love for myself, love for my body, and motivation to continue bettering myself for the future. Nicole truly helps you change your lifestyle for the better, not only within the 12 weeks, but for after program as well. She has prepared me so well to continue into my NEXT 12 weeks after program to see where this journey takes me next. Thank you, Nicole!!   


Alyssa M.

"This program allowed me to eat delicious foods and never feel hungry."

I just took my 6 week progress photos (almost 10 weeks after having my 3rd baby) and the change in both my mind and body are amazing.  I have always been very restrictive with what I eat...not eating enough calories and being "afraid" of certain foods.  I always thought, to lose weight I had to basically starve myself...boy was I wrong!  This program allowed me to eat delicious foods and never feel hungry.  This program taught me that I needed to fuel my body and mind to feel good about myself and to be a better mom/wife/human. Nicole held me accountable and always encouraged me every week.  I am forever grateful for this program and SO sad that it's over! You are all in amazing hands with Nicole!

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Glenda M.

"This program allowed me to eat delicious foods and never feel hungry."

I'm so happy to be apart of your group and finally found the inspiration to move every morning and workout.  The support is amazing!  Physically and mentally! Thank you so much!

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