2020 Yoga Alliance RYT-200 Certifications

A Unique Curriculum

Location:112 Main Rd. Montville, NJ 07045

We offer a unique blend of modern and traditional teachings to honor the history of Yoga and it's philosophies while incorporating a modernized approach to anatomy, mobility in movement and dynamic sequencing.  Our curriculum is taught with a hands-on approach to develop the individual's confidence, knowledge and teaching ability all while encouraging growth in their personal practice.

Our teacher training is designed to target the following areas of study / development:

  • Proper foundations of asana (alignment, form, anatomic understanding and adjustments)

  • In depth understanding of anatomy, natural range of motion and functional range conditioning (mobility)

  • Creative and dynamic sequencing to set your teaching apart from others

  • Yoga History and Philosophy

  • Finding your authentic teaching voice

  • Understand the business of Yoga

  • The Chakra System and more...

Recommended: 6-12 months of a consistent yoga practice (hot). Must be at least 17 years of age.

Trainings designed for your schedule and budget

Complete your
training in 3, 6 or
12 months
Convenient weekend
dates Saturday - Sunday
Our unique module training schedule lets you decide what weekends are best for you and your budget

How it works:

Step 1: Choose your starting date for Module 1.

Step 2: Choose the rest of your module dates based on your schedule and your budget. 

*Some pre-requisites apply to move into your next module weekend.


*Complete your certification in 3, 6, or 12 months. 

Additional Requirements for Certification:

  • Karma Yoga Assignment (10 hours of community service teaching yoga to those who do not have access to it)

  • Completion of 10 class observations

  • Completion of 10 classes assisted with lead instructor present (or otherwise approved instructor)

  • Completion of 20 yoga classes attended (must be completed between start of module 1 and final practicum day)

  • Student must complete all 7 modules within 1 year of start date or you may be asked to repeat certain modules upon individual review.

2020 RYT-200 Module Dates

Module 1: Asana Lab - Level I

Welcome to Nirvana's Asana Lab - Level 1. Here, you will spend the weekend learning the first two principles in the 5 fundamental principles of Nirvana's School of Yoga. We will dive deep into The Art of Alignment and Pranayama through a series of yoga poses and breathing techniques. You will learn the Sun Salutations as it relates to the foundation for your yoga class. Students will be taken through an additional 28 asanas covering grounding asanas, seated forward folds, and standing forward folds. Here, students will create the building blocks needed to move further in their journey to teaching Yoga. Pre-requisite: 6-12 months consistent yoga practice.

2020 Module 1 Training Dates:

Winter Track



Summer Track



Fall Track




Module 2: Asana Lab - Level II

Welcome to Nirvana's Asana Lab - Level 2. Here, you will spend the weekend applying your foundations from Level 1 to a brand new series of poses. Our Level 2 lab introduces over 30 new poses where you will dive deep into Standing Asanas, Standing Balances, Standing and Seated Twists, and Backbends. You will be introduced to Nirvana's Signature Power Yoga format, and begin to apply your knowledge to building your class format. Instructors will cover dynamic sequencing techniques, class structure, teaching cadence and authenticity. You will be taken through the remaining three principles of the 5 fundamental principles of Nirvana's School of Yoga.

2020 Module 2 Training Dates:

Winter Track

Summer Track

Fall Track





31-Nov 1


Module 3: The Art of Assisting, Subtle Body Work & Thai Assists

Learn the Art of Assisting with a master instructor to promote a safe & welcoming space for your students to practice and a class environment they can feel comfortable to grow their practice effectively and at their own pace.  Dive deep into the subtle body and learn all about the Seven Chakras.  Attend a workshop with guest speaker Elissa Lappostato and learn all about Thai assisting. Instruction includes the background, foundation and fundamentals of Thai Massage with a focus on the healing intention of each stance, technique, movement and includes working with the Sen Points and Sen Meridians in the body. All students will receive hands-on instruction with an opportunity to give and receive each movement and sequence.

2020 Module 3 Training Dates:

Winter Track

Summer Track

Fall Track







Module 4: Anatomy Lab 

In-depth overview of the Human Body, Yoga Anatomy and Animal Flow workshop

Welcome to the Anatomy Lab - Level 1. Here, students will learn an introduction to the human body and anatomy. We will cover the 7 Principles of Alignment as well as the 8 Principles of Functional Movement. Students will dive deep into the skeletal and muscular system, as well as learn important anatomical terminology and become fluid in the key muscles of Yoga. At the end of the weekend, students will put their knowledge into action during a fun and educational workshop. Learn the ins and outs of dynamic sequencing and how it relates to the body's anatomy and mobility, as well as experience a fun Animal Flow workshop to spark your creativity on the mat.  Students will also dive deep into the history of yoga with a focus on ancient traditions.

2020 Module 4 Training Dates:

Winter Track

Summer Track

Fall Track



Module 5: Dynamic Sequencing & Ayurveda

Learn dynamic transitions, how to create a theme/peak pose for your class, teaching methodology and Ayurveda

Nirvana's Dynamic Sequencing Clinic is an important step in earning your RYT-200 certification. Your weekend will include instruction on how to lead a 60 minute signature SoulFire Method class style. You will learn the Power Yoga format, incorporating all you have learned to date. You will work through several creative sequencing exercises where you will create your own class for your peers and receive valuable feedback for your growth as a teacher. Learn how to theme your class and guide students to their peak pose, as well as create your dharma and weave it seamlessly throughout your class.  Graduate this clinic with the ability to lead a Power Yoga class with confidence, passion and authenticity. Students will also learn about the sacred practice of Ayurveda - a belief that every person is made of five basic elements found in the universe: space, air, fire, water, and earth. These combine in the human body to form three life forces or energies, called doshas. Learn how these control how your body works and more. 

2020 Module 5 Training Dates:

Feb. 29
- Mar 1

Winter Track


Summer Track

Fall Track


Our Inversion Lab is a full day workshop dedicated to the art of flying and going upside down. Learn physical and verbal cues to safely guide your students into arm balancing and inversions. Learn assisting techniques you can use with your students while they are upside down so they can gain confidence and prevent injury.  Advance your own personal practice by learning new techniques and tackling challenging asanas.  Learn how to confidently fuse arm balances and inversions into your class.

2020 Module 6 Training Dates:

Module 6: Arm Balancing & Inversion Lab

Winter Track


Summer Track


Fall Track


Module 7: Individual Student Practicums

Individuals will schedule their final practicum with lead instructor. Students will be given one practicum review session with lead instructor present, followed by their final test out. Students will be allowed to invite friends and family to their final practicum and treat it as a REAL class. Students will also take their final written exam.  All students must pass with a score of 85% to qualify for certification.

Following student practicums and completion of written exam, lead trainers will evaluate that all other online assignments, karma assignments and additional requirements for certification have been met.  Students who have met all qualifications for certification will be invited to the next scheduled graduation date/celebration.


Pre-requisite: Completion of Modules 1 - 6.

2020 Module 7 Training Dates:

Need more details?

Email your trainer who can answer any and all questions that you have leading up to your decision to becoming a certified yoga instructor.  nicolelardieri@gmail.com

Meet Your Trainers:

Nicole Lardieri, E-RYT200, is the Director of Nirvana’s School of Yoga.  She has been teaching Yoga and leading 200-hour trainings since 2014.  She is the founder of The SoulFire Method®, a 30-hour power yoga fusion teacher training now offered at Nirvana’s Montville and Wayne locations.  Nicole’s teaching principles stem from her combined background in Biology as well as her deep study of Ashtanga and Vinyasa methods.  Nicole specializes in the anatomy of the human body and the journey to bring the body into balance.  She encourages trainees to explore, understand and master the art of alignment and Functional Range Conditioning (FRC®), which utilizes the latest advancements in scientific knowledge, combined with tried and tested training methods to increase ones active, usable ranges of motion by simultaneously improving articular mobility, strength/resilience, and neurological control.  Nicole will help you discover the connection between the human body and our energetic system to create balance both physically and emotionally. 

Elissa Lapposatato-Cuellar began her yoga journey in 2002 after a traumatic accident drastically changed her life.  In 2012 she opened Nirvana Wellness Center.  She truly believes if one aligns their body and gives it what it needs, they can heal themselves.  Elissa teaches classes for all levels that is focused on breath awareness, during challenges specifically. She believes the yoga mat is like a training facility for life and all that we face. If we train ourselves to breath through intense situations on our yoga mat, it becomes habitual off our yoga mat and we think clearer and react more mindfully.  She loves teaching beginners, privates, and specifically athletes to help them transform their bodies and minds to overcome weakness/asymmetry. Elissa is certified in Y12SR and started a yoga 12-step recovery program in New Jersey to help those suffering from addiction. She has been teaching for over 15 years and has many certifications. She is a Vedic Thai bodyworker & plant based lifestyle coach with an Ayurvedic certificate program. She is constantly studying and researching alternative health & wellness. Her website is livingcleanyog.com
 "With the power of the breath, we can overcome anything."

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